Build Your New Identity Program With MediaWallah Architecture™

Fully configurable and transparent, Architecture is a new kind of identity suite for a composable first-party era.

May 18, 2023

New Identity for a New Era

For a long time, the identity industry was focused largely on standard workflows and tech stacks. That’s for good reason: Whether it’s creating profiles in a pre-packaged CDP or activating across pre-determined partners, most use cases worked with a limited number of factors. Given the predictability, standardization simply made sense.

But times have changed. With the rise of “composable” tech, companies are designing entirely new data stacks and workflows built on interoperable data warehouses like Snowflake and AWS. Meanwhile, the transition to a first-party ecosystem means each company faces a different set of infosec, governance, and data transition challenges. 

In that new identity era, companies don’t need standardized packages. They’re looking for configurable tech to architect the right solutions to their unique requirements.  

“Architecture gives companies unprecedented control to lead in the next era of data-driven consumer engagement.”

-Kashish Gupta, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Hightouch

That’s why we’re pleased to formally launch the Architecture™ Identity Suite: a new kind of  identity portfolio that gives companies total control over identity management. Architecture provides extensive flexibility to help every customer reconcile, manage data, and build their own data solutions as they see fit. 

Kashish Gupta, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Composable CDP provider Hightouch, agrees that Architecture is a product whose time has come.

“In a field as complex and sensitive as ours – where every customer comes with its own unique infosec and informatics requirements – you need an identity partner that’s wholly adaptable and transparent,” explained Gupta in our recent company press release. “That’s why MediaWallah’s configurable Architecture Identity Suite is a game-changer. It gives companies unprecedented control to lead in the next era of data-driven consumer engagement.”

Configurable Identity from End to End

With Architecture, companies get the tools to manage identity end-to-end:

Advanced Transparency and Control
Resolve your match key directly by field – no intermediary transactional IDs required.
Enhanced Addressability
Benefit from ongoing updates and a rich breadth of domestic and international online and offline signals including PII and ZIP11, cookieless signals like UID2 and ID5, CTV, mobile ad apps.
Cost Optimized to Your Use Case
On-demand pricing with zero lock-in fees available, an especially useful option for incremental / waterfall uses.

Optimize Identity Resolution

Flag Errors Advance internal / CRM data by verifying and flagging any mislabeled user or household data.

Analyze Addressability Get key metrics to manage scale, reach and precision of your identity management. Flag device, user and household data based on addressability, quality and accuracy.
Build Ultra-Impactful Audiences

Merge Data Resolve internal / CRM data to make it compatible and usable on a user or household level.

Resolve Data Increase match rates by resolving third and first party datasets.
Onboard and Share Securely

Assess audience overlap and develop record-level crosswalks to understand how third-party data can deliver even more precise, accurate targeting. 

Resolve sensitive data at scale directly in secure environments, including Snowflake and AWS.

Start Architecting

What does the new first-party identity look like for your business? Whatever shape the new ecosystem takes for you, Architecture can help you build the identity you need for the future.

Because every business has their own level of identity need, Architecture offers three levels of support:

To learn what Architecture solutions are right for you, talk to MediaWallah.

🏁 P.S.
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