Take your customer experience challenges head-on

Use MediaWallah’s customized, ultra-secure data connectivity solutions to address your most intricate customer experience challenges.

Marketer, Publisher, and Platform Solutions

Connect Incomplete Data Sets

Build complete customer profiles across organizational silos, uncover hidden overlapped audiences between you and your partners, and fill in missing data for your own graphs.

Publisher & Market Solutions

Ultra-Secure Data Portability

Share information with partners to the most exacting brand security standards – from leading-edge clean room functionality to the ability to encrypt data fully on-premise.

Use Cases

Better data to power your CDP.

Your CDP audiences are only as effective as the data you provide. Power your CDP with MediaWallah identity to prepare accurate, 360° profiles enriched with custom and standard data that cuts across silos.

The next evolution in Data Clean Rooms

MediaWallah combines the most advanced clean room security with the most intelligent audience matching methodology. Safely and more intelligently match data with partners, protected by safeguards like tailored data permissioning and on-premise encryption.

Solution suite

End to End Enterprise Data
Connectivity and Security

The total enterprise solution to complete, connect, and port people data per your business needs.

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Missing Data


Port Data

Solution module Identity Data

License key identifiers and data feeds to build or enhance your people profiles and graphs—for the most complete customer information.

Identity as a Service

Match an exhaustive array of customer identifiers internally or with partners to form a true 360◦ customer view.

Privacy Services

Sync customer information safely without exposing any sensitive customer data — with identity-enhanced clean room approaches, tailored data permissioning, and more.

Challenge Solved Enrich

Bring standard, custom, and disconnected identifiers together into a single customer profile.


Ensure your people data is accurate and up to date.


Protect data to the most precise brand permission standard and security requirements.


Connect identifiers for a unified customer profile.


Safely port data across partners to identify where audiences overlap.