Connectivity for a New Era of Data

Today’s ecosystem runs on your most critical asset: your data. Take control of it with FRED*, the Data Connectivity Platform (DCP) from MediaWallah.

* Freely Relay Enterprise Data

Orchestrate All your Data
Connectivity Operations

Link across partners and silos — from ID to audience, and from and onboarding to activation. Because a new data era needs a new kind of data connectivity.

Reign in fragmented customer views with a single comprehensive platform.
Hit the ground running with tech ready-tailored to your infrastructure.
Access unmatched transparency for sharper insight.

Platform Overview

FRED is the total enterprise solution to complete, connect, and port people data per your business needs — for Marketers, Publishers, and Platform Providers alike.

Security For the Most Critical Standards: Yours

Designed for data safety in even highly regulated industries, and readily configurable to evolving privacy laws and your emerging security strategies. Choose which fields and partners you’ll share and permission. Encrypt on- or off-premise. Benefit from encryption at every step: import, management, and export.

Smarter Segmentation

Use our DataStore of demographic, behavioral, and sentiment insights to bring separate profiles into complex audiences. Get precise match tables showing how the linkages connect—to direct more effective media buys and crystal-clear analytics.

More Valuable – and Transparent – User Profiles

Get a 360° “golden record” of the user, including cross-channel identifiers and rich demographic and behavioral information. View transparent detail on how we’ve built on your data to guide optimizations for outstanding match rates, addressability, and measurement.

More Valuable – and Transparent – User Profiles

Activate based on your existing tech stack and setups – so you can skip the resource-heavy integrations and specialized approvals. Activate directly with partners, integrate into other platforms, or deploy custom activations like a private marketplace or unique cookieless ID.

Use Cases & Benefits

Harness end to end enterprise data connectivity and security for your organization’s goals.

Get a 360 View of the User

Fill in crucial information gaps on known and unknown users

  • Identify unauthenticated users to engage and measure -opted-in users who haven’t logged in.
  • Resolve identities across disparate data sets like media properties, brand assets, and markets—for efficient campaigns and comprehensive profiles that cut across business silos.
  • Create a custom user graph built on the DCP infrastructure.

Activate First Party Data

Share and collaborate on data efficiently and securely

  • Execute cookieless activation, including setting up private brand/publisher marketplaces.
  • Enable encrypted data sharing
  • Activate directly without third-party partners by appending activation IDs to your own proprietary graph.

Find out More About FRED

Whatever your data connectivity goals, FRED can help you transform them. Set up a meeting to learn how..