Build Sustainable Identity for the Future

Our ultra-configurable identity suite and deep expertise fit the most complex tech, operations, and governance needs.

ArchitectureTM Identity Suite 

Succeed in a first-party world by taking charge of identity operations, customer-level data, and evolving strategy. Use MediaWallah Architecture to build the right identity foundation for your enterprise.

Unlock the Value of Your Data

Get the control, transparency, and security for consented user-level identity on your terms — to get up and running fast, pivot nimbly, and unlock the value of your data.

  • Decide How You Share: Choose the fields to share and parties to permission. Share data securely via your preferred clean room, our clean technology, or through multiple platforms for interoperability.
  • Interconnect Flexibly: Build match tables and graphs that link across partners, silos, and functions, such as offline to online and marketing with production.
  • Own Your Matches: Match direct keys, not derived or fabricated people-based IDs. Use this transparency to power individual-level insights, and to choose the keys you deploy across tech and activations.
  • Connect Data in Real Time: Get matches on massive datasets in milliseconds for in-the-moment addressability.

The proof is in the results.

We deliver up to 30% higher match rates than the market incumbent and 15x greater addressability than third-party cookies.

Powered by the MediaWallah Graph

Our omnichannel graph is purpose-built for reach, accuracy and precision for an always-changing landscape.

  • Reach most of the US adult population, and address the full array of identity signals and channels: online, offline, CTV, apps, browsers, ZIP 11 and more.
  • Accuracy based on real-time updates and ongoing refreshes, using extensive assessments through data science techniques like machine learning.
  • Precision: Flag data and linkages by quality and source – for full control over data governance and to calibrate quality and scale.
  • Durability: Rooted in lasting identifiers like hashed email.

Unparalleled Identity Expertise

MediaWallah has been focused exclusively on identity — not as an “add-on” — providing neutral, unaligned identity innovation since its founding a decade ago.


Get Greater Value from Identity Data.

Surmount fragmentation and understand customers with our identity building blocks and services.

Data Matching and Onboarding

Marry dormant data to activating signals across partners and silos — to drive precision targeting & measurement at scale.

Appending and Enhancement

Expand your core data into a 360° “golden record” of the user – to drive outstanding addressability and match rates for advanced activation, engagement, and audience building.

Our Offerings

Develop Your Identity Program with MediaWallah.


Get standard data feeds to support your identity products.


Access specialized feeds per your keys and matching elements.


Strategic identity solutions designed for your path to growth.

Get Started 

Whatever your identity goals, MediaWallah can help you achieve them. Set up a meeting to learn how.