MediaWallah Releases Architecture™, a Fully Configurable and Transparent Identity Suite

Offering Portfolio Answers Brands’ Need for Bespoke Identity Management with the Rise of Composable CDPs and First-Party Data

May 18, 2023

New York, NY –  MediaWallah, the identity by design provider to the world’s premier brands, publishers, platforms and agencies, today announced the launch of the Architecture™ Identity Suite, a new kind of  identity portfolio that gives companies total control over identity management.

“With the rise of “composable” tech, companies are designing entirely new data stacks and workflows built on interoperable data warehouses — and the shift to a first-party data ecosystem creates wholly new demands for companies using identity,” explained Nancy Marzouk, Founder and CEO, MediaWallah. “In that new identity era, companies don’t need standardized packages. They’re looking for configurable tech to architect the right solutions to their unique requirements. That’s why we’re pleased to formally launch the Architecture™ Identity Suite: a new kind of identity portfolio that gives companies total control over identity management. Architecture provides extensive flexibility to help every customer reconcile, manage data, and build their own data solutions as they see fit.”

“In a field as complex and sensitive as ours – where every customer comes with its own unique infosec and informatics requirements – you need an identity partner that’s wholly adaptable and transparent,” explained Kashish Gupta, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Composable CDP provider Hightouch. “That’s why MediaWallah’s configurable Architecture Identity Suite is a game-changer. It gives companies unprecedented control to lead in the next era of data-driven consumer engagement.”

MediaWallah designed Architecture to empower companies to create identity graphs and tailored identity infrastructure for their workflow, information, and security needs. The highly configurable Suite is designed for brands, publishers and data companies to manage identity independently across every channel, partner and platform today and through the future of identity.

Architecture gives companies the tools to manage identity end-to-end.

  • Onboard and share to specific, advanced security standards. Resolve sensitive data at scale directly in secure environments for transparency collaboration and insights.

  • Optimize identity resolution for better data governance, targeting, and analytics. Companies get linkage data with flags so important information like data quality and validation can be used to manage governance, accuracy and scale.

  • Build ultra-impactful audiences. Use omnichannel identity for record-level crosswalks between data sets to assess audience overlap and understand ways the third-party data can deliver even more precise, accurate targeting.

  • Enable data with transparency. Build your own proprietary match table  — without needing to rely on opaque third-party party IDs  — to resolve to known individuals for activation, targeting, measurement and analytics, across cookieless, CTV, mobile-based identifiers and more.

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About MediaWallah

With MediaWallah, companies can unlock the full value of their data to drive lasting growth. The world’s most innovative companies trust our identity-by-design solutions and services, powered by the vastly configurable Architecture™ Identity Suite, to help them build sustainable identity graphs and tailored identity infrastructure for their advanced workflow, information, and security needs.


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