Identity resolution for a complex landscape.

Take control in the new data ecosystem. MediaWallah’s identity-by-design solutions deliver seamlessly configurable workflows, precise insight, vast scale, and security to the most demanding standards: yours.

Evolved connectivity
for the advanced enterprise.

Use MediaWallah to align, share, and protect standard and custom data across silos and with partners—and end the fragmentation of multiple identity and security solutions. Our proprietary, omnichannel, multidimensional identity solutions make it possible.

Power enterprise-wide CX goals and enable ultra-secure data portability with premium publishers. 


Enable the most effective, secure data alignment with sophisticated advertisers and brands.

“Fill in the blanks” on missing data to expand your own proprietary graph.

Our clients and partners include:

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Look inside the
white box

Independent, neutral, and focused solely on data connectivity, MediaWallah’s “white box” transparency means you can evaluate identity investments fully and activate on the most dependable data.