Using Your Own Data For Marketing? Think About Identity By Design.

To optimize customer experience and data security, start by crafting identity resolution to your unique goals.

December 7, 2021

Industry by industry, brand by brand, the best approach to identity is driven by a blueprint that is made up of a company’s own data needs, their privacy requirements and their marketing strategy. For larger brands, and innovative brands with a focus on first-party data, a custom identity strategy is the only way to both keep important data secure and ensure that marketers maximize their ability to access and activate data for their campaigns. This custom approach is called “identity by design” and takes into consideration everything from industry-specific data requirements to the company’s unique technology environment. In her latest for Forbes, MediaWallah Founder & CEO Nancy Marzouk lays out how companies can take an identity-by-design approach to transform the customer experience, maximize security, and come out ahead in the new first-party ecosystem.

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