The CMO and CIO’s Action Plan for Marketing Data Security

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December 8, 2021

As first-party data moves front and center, CMOs are looking to make maximum use of the first-party data the company has available, and the CIO is eager to help. The two share a common goal of using data to properly engage customers and prospects, while also protecting all sensitive data.

Collaboration is key to moving forward with a new data strategy, and a new data strategy is a must for future growth. Deloitte notes that “61 percent of high-growth companies are shifting to a first-party data strategy compared to only 40 percent of negative-growth companies.”

For years, marketers used third party data for their audience targeting, while the data security team was busy locking first-party data away safely. Now that marketers need access to first party data, they need a comprehensive plan to access it securely.

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