Suiting Up With Jeff Chen

Tracksuits, sci-fi, and SQL are ways this engineer forges his own path.

September 16, 2022

Our MediaWallah Careers Q&A offers one-on-ones talking MediaWallah, career paths, and life beyond work with MediaWallah teammates. In today’s post we talk with Senior Solutions Engineer Jeff Chen about why he chose MediaWallah to have an outsized impact at work — and how he’s making his mark on MediaWallah culture. 

What’s your role at MediaWallah, and what do you do in the day-to-day?

They call me a Senior Solutions Engineer here at MediaWallah. It means if you’ve got a problem? I will work on getting you a solution. On a day-to-day basis I am working and reworking a number of projects. There is no one thing I do daily besides checking the project board; you can find me analyzing data quality, prepping client deliverables, working with data science to improve models, or even programming our Internal UI platform.

When did you join MediaWallah, and what drew you to the company?

In late 2019, I was looking for an opportunity to contribute more to a company than just being a cog in the wheel. Looking to not only advance my experience in data and technology but help advance a company’s capabilities. Which is when I met MediaWallah. MediaWallah was looking for a person with SQL chops who knew how to see a project through from conception to execution. Working at a small company I was able to see my impact, and wear multiple hats.

Tell us about your tracksuit initiative.

One weekly team meeting I half-jokingly suggested we get company tracksuits. I presented my proposal, gave my reasons, and got a lot of laughs. Our CEO thought it was a great idea…and we now have track suits for the whole company! It’s just one of these ways that everyone’s ideas are welcome around here.

How has the company changed since you first joined?

We now have company tracksuits! Besides the tracksuit, I have seen the company grow in so many ways. There are new data quality assurance methodologies, automated processes, algorithms used in our identity models.

What are some ways you’ve advanced your own skill set at MW?

I think my SQL, programming, and project management skills grow everyday. There are always multiple solutions to any given problem. Some of them involve me learning new concepts.

What are some things that excite you most about working for MediaWallah?

We are still a growing company, and taking on some of the largest companies in the industry head-on.

What’s something people might not know about you?

I watch a lot of sci-fi and rom coms. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to advance their career in data and / or product engineering?

Being in data is always challenging. You should enjoy problem solving, puzzles, and learning new things. You should also be open to taking in a variety of perspectives, since there is not necessarily a right answer and you are likely one of the few people looking at a data or product a certain way. Success begins with an open mind! ◆


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