Research: How Reliable Are Your New Identifiers?

Mismatches, Diminishing Lifespans, and Unclear Householding All Pose Challenges — But Opportunities Abound.

May 23, 2022

As third party cookie use declines, companies increasingly turn to three alternate identifiers to achieve scale and accuracy: Hashed Emails (HEMs), Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDs), and IP addresses. But how reliable and addressable are these identifiers — and what actions should companies take to make the most of them? MediaWallah recently analyzed a massive data set of these identifiers to find out.

Read our full report of the study to learn:

  • The most — and least — persistently reliable identifiers
  • Which identifiers posed challenges to scale, which to householding, and which to addressability
  • Benefits and tradeoffs of each identifier that companies must consider.

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