Pressing the Accelerator on Identity’s Future

Nancy Marzouk, Founder & CEO
November 17, 2021

MediaWallah’s CEO on our Series A and what’s next: Extending our unique value across enterprise brands, publishers and platforms.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that MediaWallah has completed its Series A funding. And on this exciting occasion, I want to take a moment to explain how we arrived at this milestone — and how we plan to use the funds to become more valuable to your business than ever.

MediaWallah began with a simple hypothesis: For many businesses, data connectivity — the foundation of customer experience (CX) — is too important to leave to out-of-the-box solutions. We saw an enormous appetite for data connectivity offerings that are truly flexible, secured by the advanced data protection that premium customers require.

As CX takes center stage and sensitive first-party data becomes the new digital currency, we’ve proved our hypothesis time and again. Our unique identity-by-design approach has done more than just win us loyal clients: it’s made MediaWallah essential to some of the world’s most sophisticated brands, publishers, and platforms.

With our hypothesis proven amidst an evolving ecosystem, we knew that now is the time to push on the accelerator. We raised our targeted Series A to support that acceleration, and will use our funds to expand our solutions for bespoke data connectivity and secure first-party data sharing in an evolving landscape.

I invite you to read the coverage in AdExchanger along with MediaWallah’s own press release to dive deeper. I’ll also leave you with a question. We’ve raised these funds to help businesses like yours execute their unique data connectivity strategies. What data connectivity strategy could we help you build out next?

I’d love to hear your answer. Reach out to talk anytime.


Nancy Marzouk
Founder & CEO, MediaWallah


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