MediaWallah Named an AdExchanger Awards Finalist for Best Identity Technology

MediaWallah’s Independent Data Connectivity Platform Gives Data Owners Total Control

September 21, 2022

New York, NY –  September 21, 2022 — MediaWallah, the identity by design provider to the world’s premier brands, publishers, platforms and agencies, today announced that the company is a finalist for Best Identity Technology in the 2022 AdExchanger Awards. The AdExchanger Awards program is focused on celebrating excellence in digital marketing and advertising. Winners will be announced on October 17 in New York City at the Programmatic I/O awards gala.

MediaWallah builds identity into the fabric of a company’s digital business. The company’s mission is to provide the ecosystem with data and innovative technology that allows companies to establish a fluid identity-first approach to their marketing.  As an independent, flexible identity solution, MediaWallah doesn’t just facilitate identity, they empower customers to own, understand and grow identity for themselves. With no black box or fixed pipes, customers get custom solutions and granular insights, empowering brands, publishers and data owners to build the data infrastructure they need to scale data across every channel and every partner. 

MediaWallah’s identity spine, vast data capability and probabilistic analysis provide superior results for customers: 

  • 5.2x better match rates—which translates into a 15.2x advantage in addressability—vs. those of the 3rd-party cookies for a major publisher to run a targeted campaign for an advertiser client.

  • 10x higher user resolve rate compared to third party cookies (67% vs 7%) for a major education advertiser that wanted to  deliver personalized site content to users who were authenticated but had not logged in.

“We are thrilled to have been named a finalist for Best Identity Technology, an important emerging category that signals the shift to first-party data across digital channels. AdExchanger focused on the data and technology that powers digital marketing, making this award a perfect fit for MediaWallah. We are in good company and look forward to the award ceremony,” said Nancy Marzouk, CEO and Founder of MediaWallah.

About MediaWallah

MediaWallah provides innovative identity-by-design solutions for the world’s largest brands, publishers, platforms and agencies. MediaWallah is trusted across the industry to deliver a premium, independent solution that provides agility and performance. 

Discerning companies are planning their future-proof addressability strategies, looking for solutions that work across channels, IDs, data types and partners. Mediawallah helps companies create 360 degree views of customers and prospects so that they can continue to market to them across multiple channels, regardless of the changes to the market landscape. Companies trust MediaWallah to provide agile privacy-first data capabilities – from onboarding to multi-party computation – to ensure that their identity data is kept safe while also delivering maximum value even as market dynamics evolve over time.


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