For user connectivity, walled gardens may not be the answer

March 18, 2018

“I don’t want to leverage a walled garden but there doesn’t seem to be a better option.”

I’ve noticed a recurring sentiment in recent conversations with several large advertisers: “I don’t want to leverage a walled garden but there doesn’t seem to be a better option.”

Why the dilemma? It’s quite simple. Brands are struggling with trade-offs. Matching customers and engaged and anonymous prospects across devices and media channels at scale in real time continues to be an issue. As mobile grows, this becomes even more imperative.

There shouldn’t have to be a trade-off. Advertisers need another solution other than using walled gardens to establish user connectivity – and that solution sits with them, not vendors. Advertisers don’t need packaged ad tech as it relates to data. They need an a la carte menu so they can leverage functionality that fits their data needs.

Some brands have started this migration. Gartner analyst Laura McLellan recently predicted that by 2017 CMOs would spend more on IT than their counterpart CIOs. The biggest driving force behind this shift is the building of an intelligence layer to leverage a brand’s data, which is paramount to drive corporate revenue.

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