Clean Rooms Alone Won’t Solve TV Measurement

Clean Rooms, Clean Technology, and why the distinction matters.

January 11, 2023

From AdExchanger:

“Clean tech,” Marzouk said, is cloud-based software that houses data and keeps it encrypted and anonymized while accessed by multiple parties (think Snowflake, AWS or Microsoft Azure).

The idea of clean tech is to act as a “privacy protective pipeline” that strips personal identifiable information from first-party data sets so that matches can be shared between clean rooms, said Blockgraph’s Manningham.

Clean rooms are built from this infrastructure but have their own platform-specific IDs, rules and permissions baked into their solutions, which is why they aren’t cross-compatible.

“Not everything is a clean room – there’s a big distinction between clean rooms and clean tech,” Marzouk told AdExchanger. “Think of clean rooms as the managed service of clean tech.”

And, ideally, clean tech can be used to bolster the effectiveness of clean rooms.

Clean rooms are just the first step to interoperability, Marzouk said. And more buy-side adoption of clean tech could help bridge the gap between clean room silos.

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