Brands Must Work to Unify Identity Data to Create a Single Customer View

Data fragmentation is a bigger issue in a first-party world. A unified identity strategy is the solution.

Nancy Marzouk, Founder & CEO
March 16, 2022

Marketers are about to feel the effects of third-party cookie loss and mobile ad id depreciation in an entirely new way. As brands embraced identity as a new targeting option, third party data has acted as the “glue” between sets of first party data. A marketer typically doesn’t house every insight about an individual in a single database and works with a variety of partners and providers. Third-party data knits these disparate insights together.

When that glue goes away, what brands will be left with is a series of fragmented data assets and partnerships that don’t add up to a unified view of the customer.

This is a true case of irony if our market has ever had one. The core purpose of identity is to provide marketers with a single source of truth about the ways a customer can be identified and recognized — and it’s about to become the opposite.

Read more on the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) website.


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