Amazon Web Services Inks Partnership With Trade Desk Over UID2 Cookieless Solution

MediaWallah CEO Nancy Marzouk offers her position on what the move means for the industry.

June 22, 2022

From the article:

Amazon Web Services, one of the most popular data hosting services for marketers, is joining forces with the Unified ID 2.0, an open-sourced alternative identifier developed by The Trade Desk and supported by over 40 publishers.

The partnership, announced today at the Cannes Lions Festival, allows AWS to act as a private operator of UID2. This essentially means that marketers can directly integrate their first-party data, if they house it with AWS, along with publisher data, minting UID2 tokens without intermediary steps.

While two titans of ad-tech may be joining forces, industry sources expressed skepticism that UID2 powered by Amazon would automatically become the industry standard. UID2 still lacks massive scale—having lost its head start in the alternative identifier field—and advertisers are behind in collecting their own first-party datasets that the solution needs to work, said Nancy Marzouk, founder of identity-focused ad-tech company MediaWallah.

“It’s great they’re making UID2 available for people who use AWS,” Marzouk said. “The reality is a lot of marketers don’t have first-party data … the actionability of the data will not be as high.”

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