MediaWallah Integrates With Adobe Real-Time CDP, Providing Adobe Customers With Enhanced Control of Identity Data

May 12, 2021

Adobe and MediaWallah are expanding their partnership, giving marketers an enhanced 360-degree customer record in the Real-time CDP.

Building on momentum of existing Premier partnership, collaboration is rooted in shared philosophy of agnostically delivering maximum usefulness and maximum freedom to marketers in deploying first-party data.

MediaWallah, a new leader in onboarding and identity resolution, today announced its integration with Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), an application within Adobe Experience Cloud that brings together known and unknown customer data to create holistic customer profiles with simplified integration, intelligent segmentation, and real-time activation across the digital customer journey. The integration expands the existing partnership between the two companies, which began in 2020 when MediaWallah became an Adobe Premier Partner for data onboarding in Adobe Audience Manager.

Through this new integration, Adobe customers can now access MediaWallah’s proprietary identity graph and onboarding capabilities to refine, enrich, and organize customer profiles for an accurate, 360-degree “golden record” of the customer within the Adobe Real-time CDP. This comprehensive profile marries offline identifiers—such as email, postal address, IP address, FN/LN and mobile ad ID (MAID)—alongside digital identifiers including cookieless IDs and other digital first-party IDs, which are critical in the changing data landscape.

Significantly, the integration offers Adobe Real-time CDP customers advanced control and transparency of the identity data they receive. Through the integration, Adobe customers get  enhanced profiles that clearly match owned first-party identifiers that are not already associated together —for instance, matching a pseudonymized version of as an additional email address belonging the same user as Receiving the pseudonymous identifier lets Real-time CDP customers readily port the data across their own choice of activation outlets and partners, and also apply that granular data for their own advanced analytics.   

“The integration into Real-time CDP builds on the momentum our companies have already established,” explained Nancy Marzouk, Founder and CEO of MediaWallah. “Our partnership is fueled by a shared belief that the marketer’s data belongs solely to the marketer—and should never be ‘held captive’ in a provider’s ecosystem. Together, our companies are committed to agnostically supporting marketers in making data useful across any platforms and outlets that make sense for them.”

“With Adobe Real-time CDP, marketers can take control over their own data, activation, and insight in an evolving landscape,” adds Nik Shroff, Senior Director of Global Technology Partners, Adobe. “Mediawallah solutions extend that philosophy into the identity space, making them a valuable Adobe partner.”

In addition to data ownership, added benefits MediaWallah provides to Adobe customers include MediaWallah’s global graph footprint, as well as fast setup times – typically under two weeks –giving Real-time CDP users access to identity capabilities nearly immediately, internationally.


About MediaWallah

MediaWallah is an identity company with the mission of putting brands, publishers and data platforms back in charge of their people-based initiatives. In a field dominated by rigid, black-box identity solutions, MediaWallah stands out by giving its clients flexible offerings, open transparency, and the data at scale to activate successfully. Whether you need to pinpoint customers or expand your own offerings, MediaWallah’s identity resolution, onboarding, first-person targeting and identity graphs are the right tools – and MediaWallah is the right partner – to help you maximize identity ROI and forge your own identity. Learn more at


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